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Our Mel Rapton Honda team understands what it means to be dependable and adaptable. After this last year that we’ve survived together, we can all appreciate those two qualities.

With versatility, comfort, and safety features that inspire confidence for the road ahead, you’ll love the Honda Pilot.


Who doesn’t need a little versatility in their lives? We know you need to get from town to country and back again. With the Honda Pilot, you can. With the Intelligent Traction Management System, you can easily maneuver through snow, sand, and mud.

Mother Nature may try to stop you, but we give you the tools you need to make your drive count. Our All-Terrain system works hard to get you where you need to go. Drive with confidence when you’re up against the elements. You’ve got us on your side.

Versatility comes in all shapes and sizes. Inside your Pilot, you don’t need to worry about bringing your phone charger along. The available wireless charging pad provides worry-free charging to all compatible devices. Just place and drive. It’s that simple.

We keep you connected. Four USB ports, two auxiliary jacks for headphones, up to three 12-volt outlets, a 115-volt outlet, and an available HDMI outlet for hooking up your favorite gaming systems give you all the charging capability you need to stay connected no matter how far you roam.

If you need a little fresh air, ask one of our sales team members about the available one-touch power moonroof. Sleek design brings you warm breezes and blue-sky views with the touch of a button, or add the panoramic roof to give the backseat crew a glimpse of starry night drives.


The Honda Pilot was designed with you in mind. Right away, you’ll notice the convenience of ergonomic positioning. We want you to be comfortable and in control, whether you’re driving across town or across the country.

Pick the seating and trim options that you like best. You can’t go wrong with available leather upholstery providing that extra-soft comfort.

Comfort begins with easily accessible cargo holds and rear seats. You don’t have to stretch and strain with the Pilot. One-touch second-row seats provide easy access to rear seating or the cargo area. Load and unload with the touch of a button - no more climbing in and out to secure valuables.

Like having a little something extra for your backseat crew? You’ll appreciate the available built-in second-row sunshades. When the sun’s out, the shades are up to protect your most precious cargo from bright sunlight that can irritate and aggravate.

Come on in. We’ve got plenty of room! Fit all your bikes, groceries, and gear in the Pilot with ease. 60/40 second- and third-row seat configuration possibilities promise 109 cubic feet of available cargo volume. In addition to clever storage solutions throughout, you’ll always have room for your most important things.

For those whose hands are perpetually full, the hands-free liftgate makes accessing the cargo area a breeze. Just kick your foot under the back liftgate bumper and load or unload with ease.

The CabinTalk PA system is a family favorite. Does your backseat crew have trouble hearing you? Not with this system! Speak directly to the folks in the rear when you want to with no doubt they can hear what you’re saying.


Your safety is our number-one priority. Honda Sensing is a driver-assistance package that applies the latest and greatest in safety technologies to most of our models across the Honda fleet. Be sure to ask your sales team member which safety technologies are standard and available on the model in which you’re most interested. Some safety features include:

    • Lane Keeping Assist System. When you’re momentarily distracted, we have our “eyes” on the road ahead. If you leave your detected lane and veer out, even for a moment, we gently remind you to refocus on the road ahead.

    • Collision Mitigation Braking System. If you are traveling too quickly for traffic ahead, our system alerts you to slow down. This system also works in city traffic when the unpredictable can happen. If you’re unable to react quickly, our system activates emergency braking to help mitigate any potential damage.

    • Adaptive Cruise Control. If you’re familiar with typical cruise control, you’ll love this souped-up version. Not only do you select your preferred cruising speed, but also the distance you’d like to keep between your vehicle and the traffic ahead. Then, we maintain both. It sounds so easy, but it makes such a big difference in how you feel about the journey!

Before you leave the dealership, make sure you understand the safety features of your specific model. Safety features increase your confidence on the road, and that is a big deal.

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Mel Rapton Honda has served our friends and neighbors in Sacramento for decades. We know you trust us to provide top-quality vehicles and service. Every day, we work hard to exceed those expectations.

The Honda Pilot is dependable and versatile - a perfect combination for any driver! Come visit us TODAY and see for yourself! You won’t regret it.

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