Attending to Your New Honda Model

Honda car care
If you have recently purchased or are considering a new Honda model, assuring that you care for your Honda is imperative to a long life. Even though Honda is known for its long-term reliability, it's good to know that you have that extra measure of protection for your investment.

The secret is that there is no real secret to getting a vehicle to last a long time. In fact, the best way to keep your Honda looking and running like a dream is through regular maintenance.

Read the Owner’s Manual
To better protect the investment on your new Honda, the first and most important step in caring for your vehicle is to read your Honda Owner’s Manual. It is important that you, the owner, also keep it in a safe place for future reference.

Regular Fluid Checks

To assure that your Honda keeps running like new, it is imperative to keep each of the fluids in your engine full and clean. Whether this means changing your oil regularly, flushing the transmission fluid or even changing the windshield washer fluid this is the best way to keep your car running like new. While most fluids keep your Honda running properly, there is no fluid more important than the proper oil. In fact, no single fluid will help an engine last longer than the proper oil. Conversely, nothing will destroy an engine faster than neglecting oil-level checks or fresh-oil changes.

Drive Carefully
If you are going to own a vehicle and want to keep it looking like the day that you drove it off the lot at your Downtown Honda dealer, the best way to do so is to drive carefully. By not obeying the speed limit, following too closely or touring through the streets of Sacramento like the next Mario Andretti is a sure fire way to cause damage to your Honda model. Luckily, if you are involved in a fender bender the experts at your Downtown Honda Body Shop are here to both repair and restore your Honda to its former glory.
Clean & Protect

Cleaning and protecting the finishes of the vehicle inside and out will keep things looking good. Paint, plastic, leather, and fabric need help to survive the constant assault of outside elements. While both the harsh California sun and sand can be hard on your Honda’s interior and exterior, there are avenues to keep your vehicle looking good for years to come.

Giving your car a good wash is one of the most important aspects of exterior maintenance. Sand, mud, and sleet can dull and scratch the paint or even cause dents. Frequent washing, especially hand washing, with a high-quality car wash is essential to remove surface contaminants and help maintain the shine. Using a microfiber cloth to dry the vehicle will also assure continued shine and reduce scratches on the paint surface. Applying paste or liquid car wax at least once per month will also help protect the paint and assure a long-lasting shine.

Get to Your Honda Body Shop

If your Honda vehicle has received any kind of damage, it is still possible to get it looking new again. To return your dream vehicle to life, get to your available Honda Body Shop as soon as possible.